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Front Window Replacement Guidelines

Many of you have asked for the replacement of the front window in your unit. Not only is the replacement of the window an aesthetic improvement, but the new window also provides greater energy efficiency and a reduced noise level from the outside.

Any owner interested in the replacement window must submit the Window Replacement Approval Form to the MSS Board of Directors (BOD). Requests conforming to standards will be approved by the BOD.

In order for you to replace your windows according to standards established by the Association, we have provided some guidelines to assist you in the process.


bullet The applicant MUST fill out a Window Replacement Form.
bullet The completed Window Replacement Form and a vendor/manufacturer’s brochure showing the replacement window must be submitted to the Office.  The Office will ensure the form is complete and forward to the BOD within two days of receipt.
bullet The applicant must wait for approval from the BOD before going forward with an installation. The BOD will expedite this approval process. After receipt of the Form and brochure, the BOD will provide a written response.  Without prior approval from the BOD, you run the risk of installing a non-acceptable window that does not conform to the characteristics established by the Association, and you will be responsible for the cost of replacing it.

Window Replacement Forms:    MS Word.Doc    Adobe Acrobat.Pdf


bullet Installation must be performed by a qualified contractor. Owners may select their preferred contractor; however, window standards must be maintained.
bullet Owners should verify contractor’s insurance certificate prior to installation.
bullet All exterior window trim must be white.


The Association has paid for a window installation in C-103, which is owned by the Association.  We used the local vendor Coastal Windows (808-676-0529).  You may choose this vendor or another but the appearance of both window and screen must be the same as C-103.  Any window and screen which does not match the one installed in C-103 will be deemed a violation of MSS policy and may result in remedial action and additional expenses to you.

The MSS AOAO is not responsible for installation, repair, or maintenance of window replacement. 

Guidelines: The following guidelines are provided to help you with the front window.



Not Acceptable

Frame Material


All others

Frame Color


All other colors


Two sided horizontal sliding (side-to-side)

Swing out, vertical sliding, all others


Frosted/diffused white laminated glass

Clear, all others

Window Pane

Single pane or double pane safey glass



Full screen or one side sceen

No screens



66 Width x 43 Height






























Measurements may vary and are included only as a guideline.


Actual window installed at MSS


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