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Board Meetings

Meetings are held at the Makaha Surfside Meeting Room (pool area)

Executive session starts at 8:30 am (Board Members only)

Board Meeting starts at 10:00 am (Owners only)

* Board meetings are scheduled every 3rd Saturday of the month. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. Please call the MSS Office to confirm.


What is a Proxy? A proxy is the written authorization by an owner(s) that appoints another person to

represent and vote on behalf of such owner(s). In order to conduct business at a meeting of the members, a

minimum number of owners (a quorum) must be in attendance either in person or by sending in a proxy.

How Do I Vote? Return the proxy that was mailed to you or vote at the Annual Meeting. If you cannot
attend the meeting, you may delegate your votes and/or assign your rights to someone else.eeting

Board Meeting Notice                         Board Meeting Minutes

Board Of Dircetors

Tim O'Donnell     Melanie Easter    Steve Turner    James Hopkins

   President             Vice President    Secretary         Treasurer


 Monty Monson        Dale Head        George Logan

     Director                   Director            Director


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